Lessons & Training

Survival Skills Course and Training

All backcountry recreation enthusiasts risk getting lost or stranded for a short time in the outdoors. NOC’s wilderness survival classes teach you how to survive--and even thrive--in such situations. With a diverse group of instructors ranging from international expedition team leaders, to biology teachers and primitive skills instructors, NOC’s elite team offers the best in survival learning. NOC instructors lead you in fun survival and primitive skills exercises here in the Nantahala National Forest, showing you how to work with nature and its resources to survive.

Outdoor School Courses

Wilderness Survival Training: Level 1 Course

Duration: 2 Days

Price Per Person: $185

Dates: May 10-11, June 7-8, August 16-17

Location: Bryson City, NC

Learn to survive the critical first 72-hours in this 2-day course. Instructors will guide you through 6 essential concepts. Learn More

Wilderness Survival Training: Level 2 Course

Duration: 2 Days

Price Per Person: $185

Dates: July 26-27

Location: Bryson City, NC

Learn to manage your situation after the 72-hour rescue window is over. Instructors teach survival and primitive living skills. Learn More

Backcountry Survival Instructor Training

Price: $385

Duration: 5 Days

Price Per Person: $385

Dates: May 12-16, August 4-8, September 15-19

Location: Bryson City, NC

Learn to organize, lead and teach wilderness skills in this 5-day course. Ideal for outdoor program professionals. Learn More

Wilderness Survival Workshops

Duration: 4 hours

Price Per Person: $100

Dates: 2014 Course Calender

Location: Bryson City, NC

These 1 to 2-day workshops either focus on one specific skill or a set of skills for a specific type of outdoor enthusiast. Learn More