Alex Weinert

Hometown: New Port Richey, FL

Years of Experience: 8

Home River: Ocoee

Achievements: Exploring some of the Southeast's toughest creeks

An 8-year veteran, Alex spends his summers on the iconic Ocoee River while finding time to guide on the Nantahala, French Broad, Pigeon and Cheoah Rivers. Alex is known for paddling any whitewater craft down any river that he can find with enough water. Most notably, he took a 3-man raft down the extremely challenging Class V Nantahala Cascades and Green River Narrows. 

Every winter, Alex migrates west to work as a Snowmaker and Snowcat Operator at Copper Mountain, CO. Although originally from Florida, Alex never strays too far from the mountains, rivers and caves. Thats right, caves. Alex has a certification in Cave Rescue and enjoys exploring the depths of the Southeast's cave systems. Alex truely does it all.