Jameson Robarge

Hometown: Ossineke, MI

Years of Experience: 10

Home River: Ocoee

Achievements: Trip-leading a high-water Upper Ocoee Trip

Northerner Jameson is our Landscaping Manager, along with a multitude of other jobs. During the summer season, Jameson works as a Trip Leader on the Ocoee River, guiding both Middle and Upper rafting trips. He can also be found guiding on 6/7 NOC Rivers during peak times. During the colder months, Jameson instructs our Raft Guide Schools and works as a raft repair technician, diligently keeping all of our rafts and river equipment in top form.

Originally from Michigan with a B.A. in Ecology from Northern Michigan University, Jameson boasts that 80% of the time he can keep his plants alive, all of the time. He also manages to keep his best fishing spots secret. His favorite memory at NOC was trip leading a high-water Upper Ocoee trip. “The water spiked to 4,000 cfs a quarter-way downstream. Knowing that all the guides were prepared and ecstatic for the challenge, while giving the guests an exhilarating and safe experience is why I continue to work for such a reputable outfitter.”