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Outdoor Professional Development at NOC

At Nantahala Outdoor Center, our dedication to providing top-tier education sets the standard in the industry. Our team of certified instructors boasts extensive experience, ensuring that our courses exceed requirements and thoroughly prepare students for successful careers in the outdoor field. Situated at the confluence of the Nantahala River and the Appalachian Trail, NOC offers a prime location for specialized training and industry-recognized certification opportunities tailored to outdoor trip leaders, disaster relief workers, military teams, physicians, and other medical professionals seeking exceptional training.

Paddling School

At NOC’s renowned Paddling School, we offer comprehensive training and certifications for aspiring instructors, guides, and individuals skilled in swiftwater rescue techniques.

Raft Guide School

Our Raft Guide School equips participants with the essential skills necessary to excel as professional raft guides, catering to commercial outfitters, summer camps, clubs, and outdoor schools.

SOLO Southeast

Wilderness Survival

Learn fundamental wilderness survival techniques and acquire invaluable backcountry and bushcraft skills essential for stabilizing and improving challenging situations. Gain the knowledge needed to assist in your own rescue.

Wilderness Medicine

Our Wilderness Medicine courses cover everything from preparation and prevention to assessment and treatment, providing crucial training for backcountry enthusiasts and outdoor adventure leaders. Equip yourself with the tools to make critical medical decisions and facilitate evacuations in remote wilderness settings, opening doors to roles as Wilderness Survival Instructors.

Emergency Medicine and Rescue

We offer top-tier EMT, Wilderness EMT, and continuing education courses for emergency management services. Our hands-on learning approach, led by experienced instructors, ensures that students acquire essential skills through experiential learning rather than traditional classroom instruction.
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Carrying a person in a stretcher while on the Wilderness Medicine (SOLO Southeast) course


If you’re looking to customize a course for yourself or a group, our private instruction allows us to tailor a class to your individual needs and schedule. We can accommodate a group of friends or family members interested in half-day, one-day, or multi-day survival or outdoor skills class.

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Let NOC’s Group Coordinators help you build the perfect trip!

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