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Wilderness Medicine
SOLO Southeast

Leaders in Wilderness Medicine

At NOC, we’re thrilled to be the go-to spot for SOLO Southeast, a key player in the wilderness medicine game. This branch of SOLO (Stonehearth Open Learning Opportunities) sets the bar high when it comes to teaching you how to handle medical situations in the wild. Whether you’re looking for training tailored to your needs or aiming to grab those well-recognized certs like Wilderness First Aid and Wilderness First Responder, we’ve got you covered. Our crew of instructors is top-notch, ensuring you get nothing but the best training out there.

Our campus isn’t just any place; it’s where the Nantahala River meets the Appalachian Trail, making it the top spot for diving deep into wilderness medicine. SOLO Southeast is all about getting your hands dirty (literally) with outdoor, practical learning and drills that mimic real-world emergencies. With certifications ranging from Wilderness First Aid (WFA) to Wilderness EMT (WEMT), we cater to everyone from professionals keeping their skills sharp and certifications up to date, to folks interested in picking up new skills that could save a life. Trust SOLO at NOC to guide you toward achieving your objectives in wilderness medicine.

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