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Raft Guide Courses

Learn from the experts! Nantahala Outdoor Center is the Leaders in Outdoor Adventure Since 1972 with professionally trained guides that have led more whitewater trips than any outfitter in the world.

At NOC, we prioritize top-tier training for both recreational enthusiasts and aspiring professionals seeking to acquire essential river skills for navigating whitewater safely. Our elite guides impart invaluable knowledge on river reading, boat rigging, paddle techniques, effective communication, and much more, ensuring every paddler gains the confidence and proficiency needed through hands-on experiential learning. All skill levels are warmly welcomed.

Our Learn to Raft Guide clinic caters to recreational paddlers seeking to enhance their skills for personal enjoyment or those interested in professional development within the industry. Meanwhile, the NOC Guide School is tailored to individuals aspiring to embark on a career as a professional raft guide at NOC.

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