2020 Tallulah River Releases

Tallulah River Releases

2020 Tallulah River scheduled releases are brought to you by American Whitewater. Nantahala Outdoor Center is a proud sponsor of American Whitewater's work to protect and restore river's across the country, and especially in the Southeast. 

The section of the Tallulah River that runs through the Tallulah Gorge is 3.4 miles of class IV-V whitewater. This beautiful granite gorge has been named the "Niagara of the South," offering paddlers the chance to experience exquisite whitewater, with characteristic slide-like drops.

Other 2020 River Releases:


2020 Tallulah Recreational River Releases

April 2020

Dates Time / Flow
4/4 (Cancelled for 2020) 500cfs 8am - 4pm
4/5 (Cancelled for 2020) 700cfs 8am - 4pm
4/11 (Cancelled for 2020) 500cfs 8am - 4pm
4/12 (Cancelled for 2020) 700cfs 8am - 4pm

November 2020

Dates Time / Flow
11/7 500cfs 8am - 4pm
11/8 700cfs 8am - 4pm
11/14 500cfs 8am - 4pm
11/15 700cfs 8am - 4pm
11/21 500cfs 8am - 4pm
11/22 700cfs 8am - 4pm