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William Dupree

Home River: Nantahala River, NC
This image shows Instructor William Dupree hitting some epic whitewater rafting waves while in a canoe.
  • Hometown
    Fayetteville, Arkansas

Hailing from Fayetteville, Arkansas, William has been with NOC for two seasons and brings 12 years of experience to the team. With a strong background in wilderness medicine, swift water rescue, knots/mechanical advantage, paddling safety, and river guide training, William is skilled in various aspects of outdoor education. He is an ACA L4 Instructor in Whitewater Canoe for both Solo and Tandem, an HSI Instructor for WFA/WAFA/FA/CPR/AED/BP, and holds certifications from Sierra Rescue in WFR/BLS/EPI INJECT. Growing up in a Scouting family, William was introduced to tandem canoeing early on. He started working for a local outfitter and was encouraged to paddle, eventually finding the Arkansas Canoe Club and the river family he never knew he had. After his skills advanced, he visited NOC and the Nantahala for the first time, and for the past nine years, it has been the first river he paddles when visiting the East.

William enjoys working with fire departments, game and fish officers, child service officials, sheriff’s departments, USGS field operators, nature conservancies, and police departments, teaching them wilderness medicine/swiftwater skills/specialized equipment and how to work without the trucks and the big tool bags. His favorite, though, is teaching medical skills to developmentally challenged youth. In the off-season, William enjoys various activities, including working for Ozark Safety and Rescue Educators and assisting with NOC’s infrastructure.

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