2019 Cheoah River Releases

Cheoah River Releases

2019 Cheoah River scheduled releases are brought to you by American Whitewater. Nantahala Outdoor Center is a proud sponsor of American Whitewater and their efforts to conserve whitewater here in the Southeast. Learn more about the non-profit organization American Whitewater and how to become a member here.

The 9.25 mile section of the Cheoah River, from Santeetlah Dam to Calderwood Lake Boat Launch, is continuous class IV-V whitewater. This section of the river was dewatered for 77 years, but in 2005 American Whitewater and Western Noth Carolina Paddlers were able to secure scheduled releases for the next 40 years.

From classic drops to wave trains and play holes, the Cheoah has a lot to offer for advanced paddlers. There are trees, root balls, and brush throughout this section of the Cheoah River, so it's necessary for paddlers to have a rock-solid roll. 

Other 2019 River Releases:


2019 Cheoah Recreational River Releases

February 2019

Dates Flow / Time
2/23 1000cfs 8am-12pm, 600cfs 12pm-5pm (note 2/24 is @ 200cfs)

March 2019

Dates Flow / Time
3/23 1000cfs 8am-4pm, 600cfs 4pm-12am
3/24 600cfs 12am-12pm, 300cfs 12pm through 3/25

April 2019

Dates Flow / Time
4/6 1000cfs 8am-4pm
4/7 1000cfs 8am-2pm & 850cfs 2pm-4pm
4/13 1000cfs 8am-4pm
4/14 1000cfs 8am-2pm & 850cfs 2pm-4pm

May 2019

Dates Flow / Time
5/11 1000cfs 8am-4pm
5/12 1000cfs 8am-2pm & 850cfs 2pm-4pm
5/18 1000cfs 8am-4pm
5/19 1000cfs 8am-2pm & 850cfs 2pm-4pm
5/25 1000cfs 8am-4pm
5/26 1000cfs 8am-2pm & 850cfs 2pm-4pm

June 2019

Dates Flow / Time
6/22 1000cfs 8am-4pm
6/23 1000cfs 8am-2pm & 850cfs 2pm-4pm

November 2019

Dates Flow / Time
11/9 1000cfs 8am-4pm