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Interview with Anne Sontheimer

November 1, 2022
Anne Sontheimer, is one of NOC’s long time river guides and avid kayaker. Learn a little bit about her in the interview below! 

What do you do at NOC , and what is your favorite outdoor activity?
Sontheimer: I work at the NOC Paddling School and teach whitewater kayaking most of the time. Occasionally I’ll also teach canoeing, rafting, and Swiftwater rescue skills. My favorite outdoor hobbies are kayaking, riding mountain bikes, and hiking with my team of adventurers. 

What makes you proud to be at NOC?
Sontheimer: I’ve been part of the NOC community for 27 years, and I’m proud to be part of a company that promotes an environment of learning with a team of people that encourage, support, and empathize through navigating the dynamic environment of whitewater. There are many life skills to learn and practice through the many opportunities in that environment.

How has NOC adapted to these times / what do you want people to know about how/what you are doing?
Sontheimer: NOC is adapting daily by communicating, evaluating, and balancing the risk involved with all the programs and adventures we offer. We already navigate dynamic programs and strive to inform, support, and teach our guests to make an informed decision that involves risk with the skills necessary to navigate them.

Any positive messages you’d like to include? 
Sontheimer: In this moment, practice being present, compassionate, and adventure in your world. 

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