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Haley McKee

Home River: Nantahala River, NC
Haley McKee
  • Experience
    1 Years

Meet Haley, an experienced instructor and whitewater enthusiast. She holds a degree in classical bass performance and has been performing throughout the world for many years. Her passion for adventure sports eventually led her to become a raft guide in West Virginia in 2004. She has since guided in Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, Washington, Wyoming, and New Zealand.

In 2014, Haley began kayaking on the White Nile in Uganda and the Ottawa River in Ontario and has kayaked across the globe in the US, Canada, New Zealand, England, Ecuador, Uganda, and Zambia. She loves taking on big waves and is passionate about breaking down skills into fundamental moves. In addition to her instruction work, Haley is dedicated to healthy living and is always learning more about nutrition, fitness, yoga, breathing, and meditation.


  • Wilderness EMT
  • CPR and First Aid Instruction
  • ACA Level 4 Kayak Instructor Certification

I believe we are only limited by our own imagination.” 

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