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Middle Ocoee High Adventure

Benton, TN
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Experience thrilling rapids at our NOC Ocoee Outpost with our new Middle Ocoee High Adventure trip. This is a new and exciting way to experience “America’s most popular river trip.” with five miles of exciting rapids and whitewater action. This half-day guided trip is perfect for anyone looking for high adventure in Tennessee.

13+ Years Old
4+ Hours Long
NOC Ocoee High Adventure Rafting
NOC Ocoee High Adventure Rafting
NOC Ocoee High Adventure Rafting
NOC Ocoee High Adventure Rafting
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For adventure enthusiasts with rafting experience, the Middle Ocoee High Adventure trip brings non-stop action and a unique opportunity to explore and play on one of America’s most popular whitewater rivers.

The Middle Ocoee High Adventure is an exciting and challenging half-day trip offering an opportunity to experience the thrills and dig deeper into the one-of-kind river features the Middle Ocoee has to offer. Paddle through five miles of continuous and exciting Class III and IV rapids, and your elite NOC Guide will captain and instruct you and the crew through a rip-roaring surf experience on no less than four major rapids. In the midst of all the action, you will enjoy a break to jump and swim in the pools of the river and a riverside snack.

This Guide-developed adventure will have you crashing through big waves, spinning on the eddy lines and surfing in the current.  Surfing a raft is the most playful way to feel the full force of the river.  Surfing will get you into the Flow State as you focus on using the power of river to perform advanced maneuvers in this immersive experience. Active participation is the only way to make the most of this experience as your Guide will rely on you and your crew to take on the challenges of the Ocoee.


  • Middle Ocoee High Adventure is an exciting half-day trip offering a unique adventure with activities unparalleled for individuals or families.
  • Paddle through five miles of Class III and IV rapids like Table Saw, Broken Nose, Double Trouble, and Powerhouse.
  • NOC elite guides will navigate paddlers through epic drops and river rapids, creating an adventure full of splashes.
  • The Ocoee River winds its way through the Blue Ridge mountains with scenic views and rich history.
  • After your trip, stay and rehash the fun over a celebratory beverage at our Beer Garden, right on site.

What to Expect

This trip will last approximately 4-4.5 hours, with 2.5 hours on the river and the rest on trip preparation and shuttle.


Please check-in for your trip 30 minutes before your reservation at NOC’s Ocoee River Outpost, considering that Ocoee trips run on Eastern Standard Time.

After a brief orientation and video, you’ll get geared up with PFD and paddles and load onto the big blue bus to shuttle to the river put in. Once in the raft, your experienced guide will walk you through the rafting terminology and what to expect.

Then it’s down the river you go, paddling through exciting rapids and learning techniques and tricks to surf a Class III or higher rapid with a raft!



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1680 US-64 Suite B
Benton, TN 37307

Participants must be 13+ years of age. All minors (17 and under) must be accompanied by a participating adult during the activity.

Participants must be able to walk approximately 250 yards over gravel and a steep paved ramp. Guides will ask guests to assist in carrying rafts and paddles to and from river access.

The nature of this trip increases the likelihood of an unplanned swim. Guests should be comfortable swimming and able to follow directions while in the water to aid in their own rescue. For your own safety, please wear shoes that securely strap to your feet. The Ocoee is a moderate to challenging river and requires rafters to be an active participant while in the boat following guide directions and paddling.

Participants must meet age, weight, and chest size minimums and maximums specific to this trip. Please read our General Participant Eligibility & Recommendations for more information.

NOC provides all paddling equipment and pfds for this guided adventure.

  • Rafts
  • Paddles
  • Personal Flotation Device (PFD)
  • Helmet
  • Wet Suits & Splash Gear (by request)
  • Shuttle to and from put in and take out
  • Riverside Snack

Dress in clothes that can get wet, and wear shoes that will stay securely on your feet, with a back heel straps. No flip flops or Crocs are allowed. Don’t forget dry clothes, shoes, and a towel for after your trip. There are changing rooms available.

  • Clothing that can get wet
  • Shoes that will stay securely on your feet (no flip flops or Crocs)
  • In cooler weather, avoid wearing heavy cottons; wear synthetics and wool socks

*Please leave all personal belongings in your car, our guides will take your keys prior to the trip and hold them until your return.

Drinks and snacks are provided on this trip.


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