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Aug 5

Christina Chandler & Brian Hill Duo

Live Music
  • Date & Time

    August 5, 5:00 PM – August 5, 2022, 8:00 PM

  • Location

    Nantahala Outdoor Center



Christina Chandler grew up in Memphis, TN, and has been making music since she was 6, beginning with writing her own songs, eventually competing in talent shows, performing in musicals, singing in church and school choirs, and taking advantage of any chance to grow and learn as a vocalist. She went to The University of Memphis on scholarship for performing with renowned U of M band, Sound Fuzion, and then on to perform professionally in local Memphis band, Venus Mission, gaining experience and building a reputation as a strong vocalist and performer. Christina relocated to Asheville in 2009, and returned to her songwriting roots, picking up guitar and ukulele, writing new tunes and pursuing creative collaborations. Christina found her home with local group The Freewheelin’ Mamas, and continues to work as a soloist as well, performing throughout Western North Carolina. Christina uses an array of instruments to self-accompany: acoustic guitar, concert ukulele, hand percussion, and live looping. Her voice has been described as a cross between Dolly Parton and Susan Tedeschi


Brian Hill’s unmistakable voice, memorable songs and lyrical bass stylings have been the sonic backbone of his internationally touring rock-reggae band Regatta 69. For more than two decades he’s been touring extensively throughout the US and Europe, delivering smooth performances of his uplifting songs to audiences in some 42 States and 17 countries. Now, coining the term “Emo Reggae”, he brings to the stage the heart-filled outpouring of his emotions while adopting the big sound of live looping. With guitar in hand and loop pedal under foot, his latest music envisions a place deep in the foothills dripping with soul. Embellishing on a new take of the reggae sound, his Emo Reggae will lead your ears to mine what echoes within. Supporting his latest release “Countdown To Babblelawn”, Mr. B Hill’s lyrical twists of sarcasm and wit give you his somehow eternally optimistic premonitions of what might be, reminiscent of the days gone by. His concerts are featuring some classic ska and reggae remakes, but mostly his original songs, both new and rarities from the vault of Regatta 69’s 20+ year recording history.


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