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Whitewater Kayaking Instruction

The Nation’s Best in Whitewater Kayaking Instruction

Engaging in whitewater kayaking presents an exceptional opportunity to immerse oneself in nature, catering to both novices seeking adventure and seasoned enthusiasts aiming to refine their expertise. At NOC (Nantahala Outdoor Center), our seasoned instructors meticulously evaluate each participant’s proficiency level, offering tailored guidance and assistance to help you achieve your objectives. Our comprehensive range of courses caters to groups or individuals of varying skill levels and watercraft preferences, utilizing the diverse terrain of nearby lakes and rivers to facilitate skill development and practical application.

For individuals embarking on their inaugural journey into whitewater kayaking, our introductory programs such as the one-day Introduction to Whitewater Kayaking or the more extensive 2- and 4-Day Learn to Kayak courses provide an ideal starting point. Intermediate paddlers can further hone their abilities through our specialized 2- and 4-day Class II clinics, while advanced participants seeking greater challenges can immerse themselves in our rigorous Class III+ clinics. Additionally, personalized private instruction is available across all proficiency levels, ensuring a tailored and enriching learning experience. Should you require guidance in selecting the most suitable course for your needs, please do not hesitate to contact our knowledgeable staff at (828) 785-5020.

Whitewater Kayaking Course Progression

Class III+ River Kayaking

Bryson City, NC
from $475
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Multi-day courses designed for advanced whitewater kayakers!

Become a confident and proficient paddler in Class II-III+ whitewater. Paddlers will focus on stroke choice, timing, concepts, and using river features to navigate more powerful, complex rapids. We offer both two and four-day courses. These courses offer the perfect mix of both instruction and river running on the most iconic rivers in the Southeast.

18+ Years Old
2 Days
4 Days
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